As more companies move to Office365 to benefit from its wide range of business applications, collaboration, data storage features, and high level of security, CIOs and IT admins still need to consider on-premises storage needs for compliance. Moving to the cloud certainly has many benefits and the hybrid SharePoint O365 environment is growing.

However this poses a problem, because some data and sensitive documents simply cannot be stored exclusively off-site or in the cloud. That's where SharePoint 2013 or 2016 on-premises, integrated with Office365 can bring real benefits. 

Imagine a service that automatically synchronizes, one-way or two-way, Exchange / Outlook email and attachments, contacts, and more to SharePoint on-premises. Customizable to your environment and adaptable to your business processes, no matter the level of complexity.

If you thought such a solution didn’t exist, then we urge you to contact us and find out more about CB SharePoint Exchange Sync.

Supported versions in any combination

  SharePoint 2013, 2016, or Online (O365)

  Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016 or Online (O365)


High level of security
and data integrity

Easy one-way or two-way sync

Conflict resolution mechanism

Simple manageability

Try it for 30 days. No coding required. The set-up is straightforward and our team is here to support you. Within hours you'll have you'll be backing-up email and attachments safely in SharePoint; then you can focus on creating business value, while the synchronization solution simply runs. .

Talk with us about your custom requirements –  our teams have successfully carried out even the most complex integration scenarios.  
So, you can be sure you'll be talking with an experienced professional. 

Have a look at this short video featuring some benefits of CB SharePoint Exchange Sync.

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