American Equipment Manufacturer Streamlines Business Process with Connect Bridge

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“A week with Connect Bridge did what 10 years of development attempts failed to do” 

Customer: RPS Corporation 

Headquarters: Racine, WI, USA

Activity: Production of industrial floor cleaning equipment 

Product application: The Connect Bridge platform 

RPS Corporation, founded in 1986 in Wisconsin, US, has championed industrial and commercial floor cleaning equipment production. Its machines are used everywhere: for floor cleaning applications in aerospace, aviation, building service contracting, casinos, education, federal government, retail sales, sports arena, healthcare, hospitality & manufacturing industries. 

Factory Cat and Tomcat sweepers and floor scrubbers built by the R.P.S. Corporation set the standard in the industry: battery powered, high-performance, compact floor sweepers and floor scrubbers – reliable and easy to use, sold in 44 countries. 

For the design, manufacturing and production company, it is imperative to have business processes well integrated. For example, having an ERP system and a website exchanging data in and out smoothly, in real time. However, what seemed an easy task turned into ten years of integration attempts and failures… 

The Problem

“In 2008 we moved from Epicor’s Vantage product to Microsoft Navision as Vantage did not allow direct external integration with our websites which are built on PHP. Our hope was that Microsoft Navision, based on the Microsoft SQL database, would easily allow full integration of our PHP based website allowing data to flow in both directions, real time. 

It seemed very straight forward, and we were assured it would work. Extracting data from the Microsoft SQL backend was simple but inserting data securely and reliably proved elusive and expensive”, remembers Marc McDuffie, Vice President, RPS Corporation. 

“Fast forward 10 years to 2018 and a number of failed attempts, including multiple solutions, and we found Connect Bridge”, he adds. 

The Solution

Connect Bridge has been recognized as the most user-friendly integration platform on the market. It allows developers to securely connect to a wide range of business software via their APIs, without the need to learn their documentation. The code is reduced to up to 90% which decreases iterations significantly and saves a lot of time and budget – with the integration of Navision, D365 Business Central or other software. 

We chose the Connect Bridge platform after attempts by multiple Navision developers and web developers failed”, says Marc McDuffie. 

The Experience

Turns out, a week with Connect Bridge solved what 10 years of development attempts failed to do.  

Installation was easy and intuitive. Within a week of implementing Connect Bridge Server we were able to fully integrate both our intranet and our external website with Navision realizing great efficiency throughout our organization”, comments the RPS Corporation representative. 

We are especially honored by the customer’s positive general review. “Connecting Software’s sales, technical and development staff are incredibly skilled, responsive and true to timelines and release dates. We enjoyed the Navision integration so much we also purchased an Exchange license to generate metrics on users email usage”, adds Marc McDuffie. 

With our Connect Bridge platform, any developer can become an integration expert within 3 hours. Contact us for a free 30-days trial. 

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