Connecting Software Holding the Stage at Big CRM Event in Canada

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Early October, we had a pleasure of participating in a large event for CRM software producers and users. Speaking without false modesty, our CEO Thomas Berndorfer rocked the stage with his presentation on the capabilities of the CB Dynamics 365 to SharePoint Permissions Replicator! But we will get to that. 

The CRM User Group conference was organized jointly by our long-term partner Orangutech and Microsoft Canada and hosted at the Microsoft headquarters in Ottawa on 2 October. The modern premises in the heart of Canada’s capital gathered under its roof representatives of the country governmental departments and large non-profitable organizations. The event focused on best practices for customer relationship management software, namely Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Thomas Berndorfer was one of the key speakers, surely the most charismatic one! 

Connecting Software’s CEO presented a case for synchronizing document access rights between Dynamics 365 and SharePoint. This synchronization is critical for organizations with the Dynamics 365 deployment integrated with SharePoint. And it’s not an overstatement. Each company has sensitive documents with personal or financial data, and they are often stored in the CRM. Such documents are also subject to the interest of the data protection regulation.

When Dynamics 365 is integrated with SharePoint, a serious issue appears. The security models of the two systems differ a lot and don’t synchronize under a standard integration. It means that if you put access limits to documents in the CRM, they will still be visible in SharePoint – even to those who don’t have access rights. Of course, theoretically you can go through each document one by one and modify the permissions, but in practice, this is extremely ineffective. Thomas Berndorfer presented our solution - CB Dynamics 365 to SharePoint Permissions Replicator which synchronizes permissions and privileges automatically, running in the background.

The audience was really impressed as this limitation between D365 and SharePoint doesn’t often come up during the standard implementation, and sometimes companies discover this issue well into the deployment. 

It was a great day for learning”, wrote Orangutech on their LinkedIn page. 

However, not everyone from the Canadian government found this a novice. With the support of Orangutech, we have implemented this solution in the Department of Justice, the House of Commons, and Elections Canada, you can read more on this in the Austrian Chamber of Commerce in Canada’s story. Nevertheless, for the rest of the departments and organizations at the conference, the presentation was very useful, and we expect more partnerships and success stories coming. 

And what does Thomas Berndorfer think about this experience?

Canada is fascinating. I have never seen so much interest and openness from the public sector to make their services more modern. It is really inspiring! Currently we have started talkings about our products with more departments, so it is moving in the right direction. I am absolutely thrilled about the opportunity to help with our integration solutions at the country-wide level”. 

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