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CB Dynamics 365 to SharePoint Permissions Replicator replicates Dynamics 365 permissions as item (folder) level permissions in SharePoint document libraries. This document describes the configuration of CB Dynamics 365 to SharePoint Permissions Replicator.

Login to your account

Please navigate to our SaaS portal ( You need to login to your SaaS portal account if you have one already or create a new one.

Configuration wizard (initial setup)

The configuration wizard is a new streamlined way of setting up the configuration to get the replication to work.

The configuration wizard guides you through the basic setup, directly after you log in for the first time. However, you can run the configuration wizard at any time via Configurations by clicking on the Create New button.

You can run the configuration wizard at any time via Dashboard quick links section. In case you have one or more configurations, you will be redirected to the Welcome page to choose between creating a new configuration via configuration wizard or activating an existent configuration. Please look into section 3.6 for more information about how activate an existent configuration.

Naming the configuration

You start by specifying a name for your configuration. By giving the configuration a meaningful name, it is easier to find it later in the list.

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