Salesforce Approved: Document Extractor Getting Launched on AppExchange

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We are excited to announce that Document Extractor built for the Salesforce platform is now officially launched on the AppExchange listing. After the scrupulous process of security and documentation checks, the software is finally showcased right in front of the Salesforce tribe. Listing the product on the official CRM marketplace is yet another step which takes us closer to the customer.

We are happy to be now presented in the AppExchange, in addition to other listings. Now Salesforce users can find our solution where they expect to see it”, - says Thomas Berndorfer, CEO Connecting Software.  

If your organization manages customer relations in Salesforce, Document Extractor is for you. Its main function is transferring stored files from Salesforce to SharePoint. Why doing it? 

Firstly, document storage in Salesforce is one of the most expensive in the CRM world. By moving attachments to SharePoint, you cut the costs and guarantee the return on investment from day one. 

Secondly, Salesforce exists for managing customer relations and business development, and not for storing loads of files. Yes, it has this functionality of attaching documents and notes to accounts – as an option. But all the invoices, contracts, statements of work etc. steal the valuable operating capacity and harass your CRM system’s health. A much wiser choice is moving files to a document management system – designed for that, providing more features and at a smaller cost. 

Next, if you run a serious organization, you may not want to store financial and client-related files in the cloud where Salesforce is based: for audit or better data protection regulation compliance, like GDPR, etc. You exercise more control over documents when you store them on your premises. 

Finally, SharePoint provides immense team and document collaboration opportunities incomparable to Salesforce: you can work on the documents together with colleagues, share files to external users, for example, contract drafts to customers, etc., see the complete document history and many more. 

The best part of it is that you still reach to the files where you saved them – in Salesforce under respective accounts. The user experience does not change. Running at the background, Document Extractor detects files, moves them to respective folders in SharePoint and leaves a link instead – so that you click and get the document when it’s needed.  

The service also transfers the information about the Salesforce document creator, editor and owner to SharePoint for easier tracking of the documents. Stubbed files have the same name and extension as the original files.   

Moreover, when the service finds two documents with the same name at the same location on Salesforce, it creates 2 documents on SharePoint, and it adds a postfix that allows both files to exist on SharePoint, which is safe – and smart. A service admin can configure the prefix for you.  

To sum up, Document Extractor brings you only benefits and helps to reduce storage costs dramatically.  

On the marketplace, you can study the product description and features, try it for free or buy the SaaS version. Another option for SaaS deployment is ordering the product on our website. On top of that, if you run a larger organization and prefer to be in full control of the product, on the website you can opt-in for the on-prem version. Go for a free trial today! 


AppExchange is's official cloud computing marketplace through which end users can access, download and install software apps. 

Launched in 2005, AppExchange offers a mix of free and paid apps organized into collections, categories and industry solutions that encompass a variety of fields, including small business, customer service, education, manufacturing and real estate.  

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