Getzner Connecting Software Success Story Dynamics CRM to SharePoint Permissions Replicator

How Getzner uses CB Dynamics CRM to SharePoint Permissions Replicator to secure document access rights

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About Getzner

Founded in 1969 in Bürs, Austria, Getzner Werkstoffe GmbH is a leading innovator in the field of vibration isolation and vibration protection for railways, construction and industry. Now a globally active group with numerous locations in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia, Getzner offers vibration and noise-minimizing solutions based on self-developed polyurethane materials. They extend the service life of stored components and reduce the maintenance and repair costs of driveways, vehicles, structures and machines.

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The problem: High operating costs with in-house developed solution

It goes without saying that internal processes in this company are supposed to run as smoothly, safely and shock-resistant as possible. Likewise, since January 2017 – seamless, shock-free and secure transfer of document access rights from Dynamics 365 to SharePoint 2013 are a reality.

The solution: Budget-friendly ongoing transfer of authorizations with Dynamics CRM - SharePoint Permissions Replicator

For this purpose, Getzner initially developed its own SharePoint-based solution, the operation of which, however, was tied to administrative costs. As this became increasingly cumbersome with increasing volumes of stored documents, Getzner finally opted for the CB Dynamics CRM - SharePoint Permissions Replicator from Connecting Software.

More about this from Mag. Michael Rümmele from the Information Technology department at Getzner: "As we migrated from Dynamics CRM 2011 to CRM 2016 at the beginning of this year, we used this as an opportunity to look for an alternative for our own solution. Finally, we got the tip for Connecting Software from our business partners."

What hurdles had to be overcome? "We have an extra server both for CRM and SharePoint. We have been using the CB Replicator since January 2017 and have not experienced any problems so far, the solution is stable and error-free. As we had to implement a somewhat more complex authorization structure, it was not immediately clear at the beginning of the implementation, especially on the CRM side how we'd proceed (group permissions, business units, security roles). But we received valuable support from Connecting Software, without which we would certainly not have reached our goal so quickly."

Getzner Connecting Software Success Story Dynamics CRM to SharePoint Permissions Replicator

Rümmele sees the biggest advantage of the CB Dynamics CRM - SharePoint Permissions Replicator in the fact that now much less administrative work has to be put into the interface CRM - SharePoint. For the company this means cost savings. Rümmele continues: "We would recommend the CB Replicator in any case. The target group for this software is anyone who uses Dynamics CRM in combination with SharePoint as document storage and needs a permissions structure. As Microsoft does not provide a solution just for this application, the CB Dynamics CRM - SharePoint Permissions Replicator is being offered as a stable and reliable solution. As far as Connecting Software is concerned, it can be said that all the people we dealt with were very competent and solution-oriented."

About Connecting Software

Connecting Software is a Vienna-based company with development sites in Portugal and Slovakia as well as a subsidiary in the USA. Since 2009, it has been developing and perfecting the Connect Bridge integration platform, focusing primarily on software developers, integrators and ISVs, as well as individual products based on the platform. 

Are you curious how you can easily, precisely and continuously transfer access authorizations from Dynamics CRM to documents on SharePoint with the CB Dynamics CRM - SharePoint Permissions Replicator, while observing highest compliance and security standards? Find out more about all the advantages that this solution offers to your company.

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Why Customers use CB Permissions Replicator

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