Great News for Microsoft Cloud Service Providers: Close Your Dynamics 365 & SharePoint Deployment Deals with This Essential Add-on

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At Connecting Software, we have seen many successful companies organising their business processes via Dynamics 365 & SharePoint. They are usually happy with the pair - until they notice a very serious gap that puts their sensitive information at risk. Standard Dynamics 365 & SharePoint integration lacks automatic synchronisation of CRM privileges with SharePoint Permissions. Therefore, any restricted data in Dynamics 365 turns unguarded in SharePoint.

We have developed a solution that remedies this issue and ensures a smooth and secure workflow between these Microsoft products.

Maximise your offer and deliver the ultimate service to your customers by including CB Dynamics CRM-SharePoint Permission Replicator as a must-have in your package and close your Dynamics 365 & SharePoint deployment deals!

Why CB Dynamics CRM-SharePoint Permission Replicator Is a Must-have

Dynamics 365 & SharePoint is an effective pair which allows diverse functionality at Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and smart document collaboration and storage with affordable pricing.

However, the lacking permission synchronisation between the two is a deal breaker for some customers and D365 deployments.

They just cannot imagine transferring all the permissions manually for each user, from one system to another. Just like our customer Compass Group PLC shared in their story, and they are absolutely right about it. It will not only take an unforgivable amount of time but also risks making mistakes due to the human factor. Or worse, they first deploy the two systems and notice the leakage only after sensitive data have escaped the gates and unique opportunities are missed and reputation damaged. In this case, they start blaming everybody around including the service provider who hasn’t warned about the issue.

    How CB Dynamics CRM-SharePoint Permission Replicator Works

    CB Permission Replicator automatically synchronises privileges and permissions in Dynamics CRM to SharePoint. All sensitive data restricted in the CRM system such as contract values, potential deals, signatures and stamps and any personal information automatically becomes restricted in SharePoint.

    With a Microsoft Azure virtual machine, it is deployed within record 30 minutes. Once installed and set up, it runs 24/7 without any unnecessary maintenance. Moreover, this solution is highly stable, 100% secure and synchronises permissions of thousands of users in public sector, banks, insurance companies and many others.

    The Ultimate Product

    To put it straight as a partner to partner: Connect Bridge D365 to SharePoint Permissions Replicator is the ultimate solution which will put the Dynamics 365 & SharePoint pair on the right track. And for Microsoft cloud service providers (CSPs), it is now easier than ever to sell the product via a co-sell agreement with Microsoft.

    CB Dynamics CRM-SharePoint Permission Replicator is listed both on AppSource and Azure Marketplace. It is also available via Azure Government, a trusted cloud for US government agencies.

    Being multiple Gold & Silver Partner of Microsoft and the owner of another badge - Certified for Windows Server 2019 label – we are happy to assist other Microsoft cloud service providers in their quest to deliver impeccable services to clients.

    Become Our Partner

    As Toby Richards, General Manager, Partner GTM and Programs at Microsoft mentioned in one of the recent interviews, in 2019 “creating new partner-to-partner market opportunities that deliver on integrated solutions for small and large businesses, and which address unique industry solution needs, will be a key integrator for success in the coming year. If partners use these resources to go to market with Microsoft and each other, opportunities to excel with new solution design, geographic expansion, and new business growth opportunities are sure to follow”.

    At Connecting Software, we can’t agree more with his opinion and put a lot of effort into developing trusted relations with our partners. Check our diverse opportunity program for partners and jump on board!

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