Infographics: Why are IT system integration costs so high 

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Businesses around the world spend trillions of dollars each year on IT and most of these expenses are system integration costs. Our research found that many companies are still wasting money on custom software development, while others spend hundreds of billions for ineffective integration. At the end of the day, overall integration costs are actually higher than the costs of software you want to integrate. However, there is a way to save money and time used for system integration for better purposes. 



Distribution of Spending in IT 

The cost of integration and software is definitely the largest chunk of the total of IT spending. 


On average, businesses use 7 to 10 software applications for all kinds of purposes. To work properly, data from these should be integrated and that is one of the biggest challenges for most IT departments.


When dealing with IT systems integration you have to deal with multiple applications running on multiple platforms, and that makes any “simple IT integration project” not simple at all. 


Whenever companies decide to stick with the off-the-shelf applications there is always a need for system integration. To put all that work on the IT department, however, is not always the best idea. 

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