Interview with Stefan Reisenbauer from FUTUS Energietechnik GmbH

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What are the main reasons behind the partnership of Connecting Software and FUTUS Energietechnik GmbH? How did cooperation start, where does it stand now, and what does the future hold for this partnership?

FUTUS Energietechnik GmbH is based in Upper Austria in Perg. The main product of the company is the system, Futus RSS. Their main customers include plumbers and system integrators. FUTUS concentrates its activities in the DACH-region (Austria, Germany, Switzerland) and the Czech Republic.

Connecting Software (CS): Stefan, can please tell us something about yourself and your position in FUTUS Energietechnik GmbH?

Stefan Reisenbauer (SR): I’m the Technical Managing Director of FUTUS Energietechnik GmbH. I’m responsible for the product development (software engineering, marketing, teaching). I’ve got about 13 years’ experience in software development and I’ve developed projects for Red Bull and ASBÖ, for example.

CS: Can you tell us more about FUTUS’s main product, Futus RSS?

SR: Futus RSS consists of hardware and software. We started with the development of the hardware for Futus RSS in 2006. The development of the software started in 2008. The software is based on Microsoft Technologies like Net Framework, Silverlight, SQL Server, Windows Server among others. Futus RSS is a tool, which provides companies with the ability to build up their control systems however they like. It’s a connection between Hardware and Software, so everything that can be controlled, FUTUS RSS can control. Moreover, FUTUS RSS is white labeled.

CS: Why or how did FUTUS get in touch with Connecting Software?

SR: We met Connecting Software at the ATOS Innovation Day. We liked the easy way of connecting other software systems like CRM and SharePoint. That’s the main reason we got into contact, because we think that both sides can profit from a partnership.

CS: What was your first impression when you cooperating with Connecting Software?

SR: My first impression was: Connecting Software is a partnership in which both sides strive towards a mutual aim, for example, if we wanted to make a video, Connecting Software cooperated with us thoroughly. We are a small company and this is very important for us.

CS: Can you describe the cooperation with Connecting Software?

SR: Connecting Software and FUTUS offer an industry 4.0 Solution which connects modern information and communication technologies with classic logistics and production processes. Together we connect hardware with software so people can speed up or optimize the workflows inside a company.

CS: Can you tell me more about the video that you created? Can you explain the idea behind it?

SR: The video shows an example of an apartment-house where RSS controls the heating and air regulation, monitors temperatures and energy consumption of the apartments, and monitors the fire-alarm system. The owner of this building is a big company, which has CRM and SharePoint running for dealing with their clients. So, the employees of this company are used to working with CRM. Thus, we connect the hardware world with the software world by using the Connect Bridge. The data flows bi-directional, so RSS sends data to CRM and receives information from CRM in order to carry out some controlling.

“In the video we show a demo of a fire-alarm and that the responsible person gets a task with all kind of information about the alarm. In the same step this person can navigate to the live view and see what is going on. With this information, the person can decide what to do next.”

CS: How do you see the future of cooperation between FUTUS and Connecting Software?

SR: Our future is to offer our tool to the entire world and connect hardware with software and people. Connecting Software is a vital part that.

CS: Is there anything that you would improve about Connect Bridge or Connecting Software?

SR: Actually, no. We found a good partner in Connecting Software and we very much like the Connect Bridge

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