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Meet us at Microsoft Inspire 2018 in Las Vegas!

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Connecting Software is getting Inspired and thinking Las Vegas

AFTER surviving the arctic winter in Central Europe, just thinking of Las Vegas started warming us up! So, our CEO decided at least a few of us need to go there. (For business reasons, of course!)

One way of sharing our inspiration with the world is by being a sponsor and exhibitor at MS Inspire 2018! It’s the biggest Microsoft partner gathering of the year and the networking potential is huge with thousands of Microsoft partners, personnel and industry experts from around the world. What’s more, we’ll have the opportunity to forge new partnerships, engage with potential customers, and present some of the people behind the story of Connecting Software.

A story of solving problems and developing solutions

Over the past decade, Connecting Software has come to represent what it means to be an ISV developing its own platform and products in the Microsoft ecosystem. Development of our Connect Bridge custom integration platform started in 2009, with first connectors for Dynamics CRM, NAV and SharePoint released in 2011. Since day one, through today and going forward, the model has been self-financed (no venture capital), in-house development with a long-term vision of creating a platform and products for all system integration needs.

Today we have more than 30 ready-to-use connectors for major business systems; seven out-of-the-box products; our own, Azure based SaaS platform, and multiple teams constantly developing innovative solutions. And we’re telling people around the world who we are, and what our products can do.

Our products are exceptional running in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment. We’ve passed what is likely the highest security standard with our Azure Gov US product listing, while our Microsoft co-selling agreement speaks for itself in the vast Microsoft ecosystem. Moreover, two of our out-of-the-box solutions are available on Appsource and Azure. And we’re just getting started.

Improving usability & functionality

By our solutions we ensure our mutual customers not only continue to use Dynamics CRM, Office365, SharePoint, Exchange / Outlook, among other Microsoft systems, but they can also use these systems and applications more effectively. For instance, we’re the only ones enabling the complete, secure integration of Dynamics CRM and SharePoint. Thus, ensuring full functionality of both systems and securing correct user access rights.

Moreover, our top developers spent months in 2017 developing a game-changing integration between SharePoint and Exchange / Outlook. CB SharePoint Exchange Sync enables full synchronization of calendars, tasks, contacts and emails, fully customizable to your needs.

With a focus on solving real-world issues in companies, we can truly say our solutions help organizations of all sizes save time and money, while improving time management and boosting productivity.

In turn, our customers across the public, private and third sectors can focus on their core competencies, assured by the quality of our software and support.

At this point, you might be saying, ok, they’ve developed some software products that people use – but who? Here's a few links to customer success stories below. Also, I do urge you to go and ask our CEO at Inspire about some details I can’t tell you in this post…

Growing mutual & global success

Indeed, what customers find in our solutions is the peace of mind that is all too often sold, but hardly backed up at the end of the day. For us, this just simply isn’t the case, because thousands of installations and users show the quality of our products, our developers and the capabilities of both. The proof is in the increasing numbers of customers, reliable feedback and reviews, requests for partnership, and stories of success.

To boost this success, we’ll continue doing what works – being human and getting people to try our products for free. That’s why we offer free product walk-throughs, free trials of our SaaS products, free trial installations of self-hosted solutions, including free support, and so much more.

Existing partners include system integrators, ISVs (or software development houses), MVPs, CRM and SharePoint specialists, globally known software distributors, and technology partners of all sizes. Unique benefits are included with each type of partnership. So, if you’re looking for a new partnership, generating new leads, serious ROI and mutual growth in North America – get in touch with us now, then meet our CEO at Inspire! The people you’ll meet in Vegas are the same people you’ll deal with via email or phone, so why not book your personal time at Inspire now?

With our global partner network growing, so too have our development, sales, and marketing teams now comprising over 30 people, from more than ten countries. It’s getting hard to count how many languages are spoken and coded at our development hub.

Missing us is not an option

When asked about the main benefits of being an exhibitor at Inspire 2018, our CEO, Thomas Berndorfer says, “I am proud to be an exhibitor in Las Vegas. We will take this chance to meet our global spread partners and have the aim to make new partnerships with leading System Integrators and ISV´s of the huge Microsoft Partner Ecosystem. Finally, we will present our existing and new products to help partners make more money with us!"

Though you can talk to us anytime, we strongly encourage you to visit us at Inspire this year. Whether you’re interested in getting a closer look at our products (bring your engineer to get technical), or you’re wondering what we’ll develop next (trust me, you should ask)! Or, maybe you’re interested in talking face to face about partnering with us and want to know the options and benefits. No matter the subject, we look forward to speaking with you in Vegas.

Come and see us, we’ll be meeting with existing and potential customers and partners, giving presentations, demoing our software and looking to connect!

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