Webinar - Easily synchronize SharePoint with Exchange

Synchronize SharePoint with Outlook calendars, tasks, contacts and emails

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Peter is a project manager. He is excited to start a new project with his colleagues.

His company uses SharePoint for project collaboration.

It's a good choice... but most colleagues love using Outlook to organize their meetings, contacts, emails and tasks.

Anna is the Marketing manager and will also join the team.

She uses Outlook all day and works a lot on her mobile phone.

Peter creates SharePoint tasks for the team, but there's an issue. Outlook users do not see those tasks in their to-do list.

Peter schedules a kickoff meeting. BUT: He can't see free-time information to find a good time slot.

How can Peter manage this project with SharePoint and Outlook combined?

How can Peter synchronize between SharePoint and Exchange / Outlook?

All these answers and more in the webinar below!

Making team collaboration easy: bring your SharePoint and Outlook enthusiasts on the same page

Watch the full webinar with Q&A session here!

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