What is CB Mobile App Integration Toolkit?

CB Mobile App Integration Toolkit allows you to develop a mobile app that works as an offline mobile client. The idea is to enable end-users to access and control nearly any target system you like. As a developer, you will not need to study or learn the documentation for these systems. We take care of the information and integration logic, and you can focus on making your solution. 

Extremely Flexible and Easily Customizable

CB Mobile App Integration Toolkit empowers you to access diverse data from any target system, on the go.

Our product is built on ultimate technology, yet highly flexible and easy to customize. Based on the Connect Bridge integration platform, CB Mobile App Integration Toolkit can retrieve any data from hundreds of target systems, machines and sensors. Enabling you to easily manage, customize and, most importantly – make your integrations with business applications.

Our solution offers easy and fast integration to a vast number of line-of-business systems like  Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange, Salesforce, SugarCRM, SAP, Office 365, any version of Dynamics 365 and many others.

1. Your App
Connect from system in any programming language

2. Simple SQL
12 millions IT pros know and use SQL

3. Connect Bridge
In Azure | On-premises

4. Any Target System
Access 1000+ target systems through safe APIs without learning them-

Powerful Features to Match Your Work Challenges

Build without Limitations

CB Mobile App Integration Toolkit is a revolutionary tool that will provide real-time access to all your important Dynamics CRM information. Extract information from target systems and combine them with the features that our tool offers. All of that without accessing the backend database of your target system. Benefit from full control and an endless amount of possibilities to create your ideal application.

Any Platform | Any Programming Language

CB Mobile App Integration Toolkit allows you to build your custom integration app in any language and any platform. 

It eliminates the need for using the software API by using standard SQL syntax instead. It then translates the SQL statements into API calls using connectors. These connectors are currently available for more than 400 applications (such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, or Gmail). New connectors are built and launched frequently. 

By using the toolkit, you will simpler and shorter code, you will significantly reduce the number of bugs, and your app will be customer-ready in no time.



Are you planning on building an app for Play Store in Java? With our toolkit, you can connect to hundreds of applications in a fraction of time compared to API driven integration. You can quickly enter new ecosystems, like the Microsoft business applications ecosystem, and keep full control. Plus, it is such a time-saver not having to learn APIs ever again!


Objective C

You can use Objective C or any other programming language to work with our toolkit and build your app for the App Store. Just focus on what you want to deliver – and we take care of the integration. If you don’t know how to connect to Microsoft leading software applications but have a cool feature that depends on them, don’t worry! We handle it for you, including all future updates.



Even if the app you are planning is a Windows Phone application or if you are developing with Xamarin, our toolkit can support your development. Are you a C#, C++, or Visual Basic developer? You can connect to hundreds of applications from different business areas as if you were connecting to a database. It is as simple as using ODBC or Web services. Go for the trial and see the result in hours.


Two-time, Award-winning Mobile Solution Based on the CB Mobile App Integration Toolkit

Atos created a custom application for the city of Vienna based on the CB Mobile App Integration Toolkit. The app simplifies the vaccination process by the usage of QR codes. It also allows for the user to take pictures of symptoms, and these are instantly recorded in Microsoft Dynamics. This gives a considerable advantage to doctors and people who are trying to suppress the outbreak of a potential crisis.    

Thanks to this application, both Atos and Connecting Software were awarded the Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist Award for creating a solution based on our ultimate integration tool. 

Get inspired by Atos! Start building your own solution!

Powered by the Connect Bridge Platform

CB Mobile App Integration Toolkit was developed thanks to the Connect Bridge platform. Connect Bridge is a powerful, yet easy to use integration platform that allows every developer to design their own integration solutions without much effort and training. The Connect Bridge platform provides over 400 connectors to both popular business applications, sensors and machines for industrial applications. It is compatible with all version of Dynamics 365 (CRM), SharePoint, Exchange, Sugar CRM and many more.

With Connect Bridge it is easy to develop:

Mobile applications for our pre-made connectors in a faction of usual development time.

Mobile applications without the need to learn the interface of the target application.

Complex mobile solutions such as the application integration between Exchange and Dynamics 365 (CRM) and many others.

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