Are you running an e-health system that manages patient's medical data?

There are numerous concerns regarding the handling of medical data:

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or Electronic Health Record (EHR) integrity and ownership

Several types of reports exist, such as images, videos, text reports, and raw data. You need to secure the integrity and ownership of these records and make sure the data has not been altered, destroyed, or removed

Efficient and secure transmission of highly sensitive private medical information

Healthcare data is a profitable target for hackers, and that is why securing Protected Health Information (PHI) and keeping its confidentiality is of primary importance

Consent management

In eHealth systems, patients should be capable of authorizing other people, giving them total or partial access to their medical data. This raises both ownership concerns and traceability issues

Are you doing business with medical supplies?

Medical supply chains have various areas that can be improved:

Manipulated prices

Late supply of prescriptions and drugs

Costs linked to all the paperwork along the chain

Drug counterfeiting is an additional problem as it leads to significant health problems and massive losses for the whole healthcare industry. 

The answer to all these problems is our Smart Stamp Document Sealing based on blockchain technology. With this brand-new solution, introducing blockchain in healthcare becomes straightforward, as you use your existing systems, and don't have to bother with blockchains' complexity. 

We do the integration for you using our powerful Connect Bridge platform and its 400+ available connectors. The medical data itself will stay protected in your system, and you will address all the confidentiality, security, and integrity concerns.  

Let's get clear on the advantages


Our unique solution is proven and certified, and it works at a fraction of the cost of other sealing technologies

Trusted and reliable

The nature of blockchain prevents data tampering and ensures trust in the documents that are seal-protected.

Security guaranteed

Our software can write the document hash into one or multiple blockchains – at your choice. The technology also allows you to change the blockchain network in the future or switch to entirely new technology.

Fast and easy

You don't need to learn any other software or have specialized blockchain-related knowledge: continue working in the familiar environment – CRM, ERP, DMS system. Our solution takes care of that for you. Our unique solution is proven and certified, and it works at a fraction of the cost of other sealing technologies

GDPR and other data protection regulation compliant

The documents don't leave your system – only their hash. Thousands of computers around the world will prove the data's authenticity.

Best of all: you don't need to invest any resources into learning and creating blockchain apps

Talk to us, and we will show you how to use the advantages of blockchain document sealing for your business success right now.

This is the way to make blockchain work for you!

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