Dynamics CRM – Google Apps integration
with Connect Bridge

How can the integration of Dynamics CRM and Google Apps enable you to collaborate better and faster, keeping your employees and other users constantly informed and up to date?

  • Integration of Dynamics CRM and Google Apps is an automation process for businesses that reduces costs by automating tasks and processes and improving efficiency by allowing these activities to run around the clock.
  • Your employees no longer require training for every specific application and productivity rises due to better use of internal access to resources, internal processes streamlining and improved pipeline communication between different departments.
  • Simply put, synchronization of both systems facilitates synchronization of documents, provides better contact and schedule management, especially if it runs on the background and does not require your constant manual maintenance.

Automate, organize and streamline your processes by integrating Dynamics CRM and Google Apps.
All of this and more made possible with the Connect Bridge integration platform.

If you are looking for real-time and continuously updated information, Connect Bridge is your ultimate solution.

Integration of the two systems by using official API/WebServices for Google Apps provides you with great flexibility, since you know what you are doing. However, as any code-based integration, it is overly complex and can be a source of errors and costs. Studying the API documentation requires a great amount of time combined with trial and error approach.
Connect Bridge Platform eliminates hours of coding work and ensures faster, easier and more secure development of the sync between Dynamics CRM and Google Apps.

integration Connect Bridge Platform allows you to stay in your own development environment and does not need to access your backend files and configuration in order to ensure the integration.  All the data that is synchronized is encrypted during the transfer, which means that no data is stored in the integration platform itself.

  • Start in a matter of minutes
  • Stay in your programming language
  • Enjoy our free technical support

Connect Bridge integration is an easy and straightforward to use application to integrate Google Apps and Dynamics CRM, together with other 30 connectors. It is fully customizable and gives you full control over which attributes and documents to sync and how.
Start connecting to/from all your business applications with one platform. Try it free for 15 days.

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