Evernote - SharePoint 2016 / Office 365 integration
with Connect Bridge

Integrate Evernote with SharePoint and Office 365 to automatically move notes.

  • Integrating and synchronizing both Evernote and SharePoint & O365 improves collaboration inside your company between different departments, but also protects your data against service interruptions.
  • By synchronizing both systems you will be able to manage data across these systems by tracking changes and updates, automating tasks and facilitating the reporting.

Connect Bridge Platform eliminates hours of coding work and ensures faster, easier and more secure development of the sync between Evernote and SharePoint, saving your IT budget and letting productivity thrive.
All of this and more made possible with the Connect Bridge integration platform.

Get the best out of your software, and choose for Connect Bridge as your ultimate solution.

Integration of the two systems enables your teams to work across the applications and receive consistent and correct customer data.
With seamless integration and synchronization you will be able to access your data regardless of where it resides, either on cloud or on your own server. Locating information is no longer a tiresome task, you can now smoothly locate your files without ever leaving SharePoint.

integrationFurthermore, due to API-based build, Connect Bridge Platform does not need to access your backend files and configuration in order to ensure the integration.  All the data that is synchronized is encrypted during the transfer, which means that no data is stored in the integration platform itself.

  • Start in a matter of minutes
  • Stay in your programming language
  • Enjoy our free technical support

Connect Bridge Platform allows you to ensure the integration between the systems without code-knowledge required, in a matter of hours, which would otherwise take weeks or even months.
Start connecting to/from all your business applications with one platform. Try it free for 15 days.

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