Connect Outlook and OneDrive

Automatically export attachments and emails from your Outlook account into your cloud storage.

  • Microsoft platforms have built-in solution to quickly open and save OneDrive documents directly from your office apps, such as Word, Excel and Outlook. But what about automatically saving your emails and attachments on your OneDrive from your Outlook account?
  • Integration of OneDrive and Outlook provides you with capability to automatically move your emails and attachments into OneDrive for backup, storage and sharing.

With our Connect Bridge integration platform you can fully automate the process of synchronization between Outlook and OneDrive integration. Syncing and storing have never been so easy!

Get the best out of your software, and choose for Connect Bridge as your ultimate solution.

Connect Bridge makes it possible to access your files anytime, anywhere, deployed on your own server or on our SaaS, between more than 30+ different connectors.

integration With Connect Bridge you will stay in your own software development environment that you are familiar with, maintaining full control over data and user activity. And most of all you will know that your data is secure.


Start in a matter of minutes

Stay in your programming language

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Connect Bridge integration is an easy and straightforward to use application to integrate Outlook and OneDrive, together with other 30 connectors. It is fully customizable and gives you full control over which attributes and documents to sync and how.

Start connecting to/from all your business applications with one platform. Try it free for 15 days.

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