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Solutions solving Exchange Server environments are integral for successfully merging companies, consolidating business units, acquiring strategic assets, among others. Not disrupting employees - and their mailboxes - can make or break a big project. This server-side sync solution supports many business case scenarios including: Cross-domain, same-domain synchronization across different Exchange versions.

Exchange Server to Exchange Online / Office 365 and Office 365 Tenant to Tenant migrations are increasing. But some projects lasting weeks or months, need more than a data migration-only tool. They need co-existence between domains or servers, support for hybrid migration, and proven application stability throughout every migration project.

Ideal for:

Coexistence: sync, then migrate

Coexistence between Exchange Servers or Office 365 tenants enables users on both old and new tenants to keep working normally, while all mailbox items are updated on both source and destination systems.

Full fidelity migration

Each item migrated with all properties

Nearly carefree (set and forget)

Once you set up everything, you can simply wait for migration to end 

Server-side migration

Client applications are not affected

What our customers say

“It is the only product that I am aware of that does what we need and does it simply for a reasonable cost.”

Alan Stone, Director of Information Technology, Iron Mountains

Auto Mapping

Auto Mapping enables synchronization of mailbox items in folders automatically. This is perfect for mailbox migration scenarios, for example, when you want one Exchange Server mailbox to mirror another mailbox on a different Exchange Server. Thanks to this feature you can map the folders automatically even in multiple languages (DE, ES, PT, etc). This makes the configuration process much easier.

Post Processing

Customize how the data of mailbox items shall be synchronized for one-way sync pairs. For example, to sync emails and “Subjects” from Mailbox A to Mailbox B. Mailbox A syncs inbox emails to Mailbox B. After the synchronization of the item occurs, the post processing feature will modify the subject of the item in Mailbox B and add the string “(REF: Mailbox A)” With this feature you can easily distinguish which item is original and which item is a replica.

Security and no back-end access of your data

Service runs as a Windows service using our Connect Bridge platform to securely connect to Exchange Server, performing all required operations. The platform utilizes APIs of target systems, never accessing back-end databases. Data integrity is ensured with secure, encrypted connections. User hierarchy and root user concept enforce privileges and configuration rights.

Two (of many) scenarios

Standard Exchange Server Migration Not Possible

Organization has two (independent) Exchange-Server in different Active Directory (AD) and Mail-Domains. Migration between the Exchange Servers is not possible. Requirement is to move ____ # of Mailboxes from one server to another. This can't be done in one step (or one day). So, coexistence between servers until all users have switched to the new server, as well as the Mailexchange record.

Moving from hosted Exchange to on premises Exchange

Synchronize mailboxes between cloud and on-premises Server. Or, one-way migration using SaaS or on-premises application. Flexible, customizable and scalable to your project requirements.

Supported versions

Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016, Online
Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, Online
Office 365

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