Salesforce document management in SharePoint

    • Customer relationship management in Salesforce side by side with document management and collaboration in SharePoint is ideal for many organizations.
    • Integrating these systems enables Salesforce users and all other stakeholders with SharePoint access to work with customer data. 
    •  But how can you build on this integration and automatically move Salesforce documents, folders and more, to SharePoint? 

By using the Document Extractor, Built for Salesforce platform™

Document Extractor Built for Salesforce platform™

Imagine multiple teams in various locations needing access to often disparate customer data. Some salespeople are constantly updating customer account information in Salesforce, uploading a contract or quote. But other team members need access to only specific customer data, files or folders. Rather than bringing them into Salesforce, why not automatically move the Salesforce data they need into SharePoint? This way, every time a file is uploaded to Salesforce, the Document Extractor moves the file to SharePoint. A link will remain in Salesforce for retrieval, but the file resides safely in SharePoint.

After setup the service monitors documents related to Salesforce accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, quotes, orders, assets and email, including attachments, and creates the appropriate folder structure in SharePoint. You decide what to extract and how often with custom configuration

Slashes CRM storage costs

Maintains document integrity

Improves email management

Stubs file to multiple SharePoint boxes

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