Nova rešitev Industry 4.0, Blockchain in prepoznavanje partnerjev

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How to connect production machines to back-office business software? Cost-effective IIoT integration via Connect Bridge

How to use blockchain for smart sealing of reports and other documents? Our new solution based on Connect Bridge will do it for you – easy and affordable

How to make Salesforce perform even better at lower storage costs? Document Extractor, now on Salesforce marketplace

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Out-of-the-box Solution Coming Soon

With Industry 4.0 as a buzzword, organizations want to know how to apply machine to machine communication to their business needs. Check our recent articles in the industry media:

Case Study: First Steps Toward IIoT a SME Environment

A step-by-step case study on how the IIoT was introduced in a small production facility: limitations, results and conclusions. A practical review on the Connect Bridge for IIoT from an industry practitioner - read now!

How to Make Sense of Machine Data in Smart Factory 101

Industry 4.0 boils down to the communication of machines with business software, read how to make it happen via the OPC UA communication protocol. Our Connect Bridge platform with an OPC UA connector will help you to launch a Smart Factory with minimal effort and investment!

Stronger Presence with Partners

Connecting Software has reinforced our partner relations with the Microsoft and Salesforce environments.

Microsoft Showcasing Connecting Software’s Success Story

Featured on Microsoft Partners’ page: how our CB Dynamics 365 to SharePoint Permissions Replicator safeguards data integrity of big businesses, Compass Group case study. Absolutely critical for Dynamics 365 organizations.

Rešitev za sinhronizacijo podatkovne zbirke D365

Being where customers expect us to see: Document Extractor is now available on the official Salesforce cloud marketplace. Cloud, on-prem or hybrid: cut the storage costs, improve performance and guarantee data protection!

Blockchain Smart Document Sealing: Launching Soon

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology but how to use it for data compliance and document storage - typical business needs? Smart Stamp zapečatenje dokumentov by Povezovanje programske opreme in partnership with Cryptowerk, CA: work from familiar apps like SharePoint or CRM and use the whole power of blockchain automatically, with one click. Protect and verify your document – cheaper and more reliable than with traditional certificates. Watch the video:

… And trendsetting in print

The biggest Portuguese business edition Jornal de Negocios has published a feature about the company and an interview with CEO Thomas Berndorfer. Such media interest is related to the development of our Madeira-based office: it is expanding rapidly and gaining a firmer stand in the company framework.


Unravelling more about Connecting Software

We want you to see our faces! And that is why we’ve rebranded our homepage to become even more humane and trusted. Let us know if you like it!

Connecting Software is opening its secrets! We have started creating short videos about the company, the products and how they were created. This time – our powerful platform Connect Bridge which resolves most challenging integration challenges.

We look forward to hearing from you to help us to continually update & improve.

The Connecting Software Team

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