What is CB Digital Port of Trust?

CB Digital Port of Trust acts as a digital notary, and it uses digital seals and the power of the blockchain to ensure the data integrity of your documents and files.

CB Digitalno pristanišče skrbništva is a service from Connecting Software to provide proof that your files and documents are authentic. For maximum availability in . security, it is a service deployed in Microsoft Azure (no installation required!). It can also be recreated as an individual self-hosted installation if your specific needs so require.

CB Digital Port of Trust is, simultaneously:

Logistics center

for document's authenticity information - collecting, processing and redistributing it


data warehouse to store the digital seals and files' metadata for decades


the back-end solution behind CB Digital Seal and CB Digital Seal for SharePoint


the front-end certification solution you can use to verify no one has tampered with your files

You can apply digital seals to all kinds of files. We timestamp the digital seal, so you know the document in your hands is the exact same as it was on the date of the seal. You can be certain no one tampered with the file from the point it was digitally sealed onwards.

What is CB Digital Seal Verifier?

CB Digital Seal Verifier is an online tool for verifying files' authenticity. It is part of CB Digital Port of Trust.

Anyone can verify a file anywhere - CB Digital Seal Verifier is available online. This means all stakeholders can trust the files they have - they can check if they have an untampered file at any moment in time.

If you have several sealed versions of the same file, you can use CB Digital Seal Verifier to get a history of what happened to the file and find the most recent version. CB Digital Seal Verifier builds a timeline for those files so you get the big picture.

What can I do with CB Digital Port of Trust?

There are three possible ways you can directly use CB Digital Port of Trust:

Here is what you need to do, step by step:

Verify files yourself using the CB Digital Seal Verifier

Check that no one has tampered with the file or document you have by validating it online. Use blockchain and all its power without any hassle!

Trace the validity timeline of a file based on several versions of the same file using the CB Digital Seal Verifier

Provide several versions of the same file and discover which one is the currently valid one plus get a timeline for the files you have in hand. You will know when each version was sealed and be able to trace the file's history.

Verify files in your software using the CB Digital Port of Trust API

You can also make sure files or documents have not been tampered with from inside of a software application you developed. For that, you'll need to use the CB Digital Port of Trust API. Optionally, you can use it in combination with the Connect Bridge integration and get great interoperability benefits.

If you want to seal a file, you need to start from outside CB Digital Port of Trust. The first option is to start from CB Digital Seal. You can also start from CB Digital Seal for SharePoint, which integrates blockchain and document management in a solution specific to the Microsoft SharePoint environment.

Finally, the sealing of files can also start from your custom software that uses the CB Digital Port of Trust API. By using the API, you can leverage the power of blockchain and use it to ensure trust in your files and documents with very low effort. By using our blockchain integration API, blockchain integration becomes straightforward and quick!

If you have a custom Document Management System, ERP or CRM and you would like to integrate this functionality

Kako deluje?

CB Digital Port of Trust is used to create a digital seal and also to verify it.

You can use CB Digital Port of Trust to create a digital seal, starting the process from: Digitalni pečat CB Digitalni pečat CB za SharePoint your own custom software that uses the CB Digital Port of Trust API

At that starting point, a hash is created. The hash is a digital fingerprint that is unique to the file, and that goes to CB Digital Port of Trust.

Several hashes are created, one for each request to seal a file. These hashes are all stored by CB Digital Port of Trust.

CB Digitalno pristanišče skrbništva then groups the hashes and sends it to one or multiple blockchains. This is all happening in a super-efficient way - you can write up to 1 million transactions per second.

The CB Digital Port of Trust delivers a confirmation that the document is valid back to the original application, for example, CB Digital Seal. That proves that the document had a specific look and content at the moment of sealing.

CB Digital Port of Trust can be looked at as a logistics center for seals and a major one: it can handle billions of seals.



The fact that this is distributed ledger-based application makes this solution decentralized. We store digital seals in public blockchains. Therefore, due to the distributed nature of blockchains, CB Digital Port of Trust provides the highest security in terms of hash storage. You also get the industry-leading security offered by the Azure data center.


The state-of-the-art design and architecture of our technology make CB Digital Port of Trust fast and efficient in securing documents. Blockchain certification of files is the future!


When using CB Digital Seal and CB Digital Port of Trust, the original document data is never stored in the blockchain, only the document's hash. This makes these solutions immediately compliant with GDPR, CCPA, HIPPA, SOX, New York’s SHIELD act.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we get regarding CB Digital Port of Trust or digitally sealing files, in general.

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