SharePoint as part of O365 and SharePoint 2016, and all versions still in use provide real benefits for document storage and team collaboration. Even enabling external or third party users to access business data is an often overlooked benefit of using SharePoint. When the goal is to get people working in SharePoint, to save time, boost productivity and centralize administration, then it's time to consider serious, secure and customizable solutions.  

The benefits of using SharePoint as a central internal hub include simplicity, usability, and scalability – you can build on SharePoint and Office365. Not to mention the security and deployment flexibility. The list goes on, and so it's no wonder SharePoint user adoption in companies of all sizes has truly skyrocketed in recent years. Office365 has all the tools to help your teams gain a competitive edge, and SharePoint is at the core. 

No matter the complexity of your environment, CB SharePoint Exchange Sync is adaptable to your teams' and project requirements. That's the way it was developed – for real-world implementation improving teamwork and collaboration.

Supported versions in any combination

  SharePoint 2013, 2016, or Online (O365)

  Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016 or Online (O365)


Easy one-way or two-way sync

High level of security
and data integrity

Conflict resolution mechanism

Simple manageability

Take it for a 30-day test drive. No coding required. And get your teams working in SharePoint within days, or even hours. The set-up is straightforward and our team is here to support you.

Talk with us about your custom requirements – our teams are experienced with even the most complex integration scenarios.  

So, start utilizing your priceless time and resources by letting your developers focus on what they do best: adding business value

Have a look at this short video featuring some benefits of CB SharePoint Exchange Sync.

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