SugarCRM – Dynamics NAV integration
with Connect Bridge

How to increase sales opportunities and improve customer experience by integrating SugarCRM with Dynamics NAV

  • Integration between SugarCRM and Dynamics NAV eliminates manual rekeying and repetitive, bi-directional data entry, and providing users with higher and better visibility of critical financial information.
  • By integrating both systems you will be able to manage data across these systems by tracking changes and updates, automating tasks and facilitating the reporting.

Combine the financial power of Dynamics NAV with SugarCRM platform to exempt data inaccuracy and incomplete information.

All of this and more made possible with the Connect Bridge integration platform.

Get the best out of your software, and choose for Connect Bridge as your ultimate solution.

Integration of the two systems enables your teams to work across the applications and receive consistent and correct customer data (for example enabling Sales department, who have access to SugarCRM, to see live and real-time orders data imported from Dynamics NAV).

Integration of the systems with Connect Bridge continuously synchronizes data from one system to another with ease, so your employees can focus on Sales and Marketing core things. As all the data is stored in both systems at all time, all departments can benefit from the visibility and use it for accurate planning and sales processes.

securityConnect Bridge Platform eliminates hours of coding work and ensures faster, easier and more secure development of the sync between Dynamics NAV and SugarCRM, saving your IT budget and letting productivity thrive.

Connect Bridge Platform allows you to ensure the integration between the systems without code-knowledge required, in a matter of hours, which would otherwise take weeks or even months.

Start connecting to/from all your business applications with one platform. Try it free for 15 days.

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