Syncing permissions between Dynamics CRM and SharePoint

However convenient, storing gigabytes or even terabytes of data in Dynamics CRM can pull the plunge on any budget. By storing documents in SharePoint instead, you can achieve substantial cost savings on both departmental and enterprise level.

Yet Dynamics CRM records often contain sensitive signed documents containing personal information, contracts, salaries and other confidential information for your enterprise. It is vital to keep this data safe to avoid a potentially ruinous data exposure.

A major let-down of out-of-the box CRM Dynamics – SharePoint integration is that CRM Dynamics security authorization settings are not reflected when integrating with SharePoint. This can lead to multiple security exposures including revealing confidential salary information to other employees, insecure access to signatures, ability to view and edit documents belong to managers, and many others.
Failure to correctly synchronize security roles and permissions from CRM to SharePoint can be very costly indeed for any organization and may leave them exposed to malevolent actions from both internal and external parties, security breach and data loss.


Due to the lack of synchronization of privileges and permissions between SharePoint and Dynamics CRM, the two different security models must be administrated and kept synchronized manually by the administrator.

Dynamics CRM – SharePoint Permissions Replicator eliminates the need for manual set-up of missing privileges by automatically replicating Dynamics CRM privileges to SharePoint permissions.

With Dynamics CRM – SharePoint Permissions Replicator, every privilege granted in CRM is automatically replicated to SharePoint, thus allowing automated implementation of CRM's permissions mechanism. Doing that it eliminates the issue of missing privileges that can occur when integrating and amending complex users matrices in Dynamics CRM to SharePoint. The whole process runs automatically in the background and there's no need for ongoing maintenance or management after the initial deployment.

Supported versions

  Dynamics CRM 2011
  Dynamics CRM 2013
  Dynamics CRM 2015
  Dynamics CRM 2016

  SharePoint 2010
  SharePoint 2013
  SharePoint 2016
  Office 365 / SharePoint Online
  D365 / Dynamics CRM online

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