What is CB Sugar to SharePoint Stubbing?

CB Sugar to SharePoint Stubbing is an efficient service enabling you to minimize your SugarCRM storage space by automatically moving all your files from your Sugar to your desired SharePoint document library. Links are retained on the Sugar side, and point to the physical files on SharePoint. This process is called “Stubbing”.

Use SugarCRM more efficiently and maximize your capabilities by enjoying all the benefits of SharePoint document management.


Easy to Set Up, Pleasant to Use

CB Sugar to SharePoint Stubbing is provided as a cloud service, so there is no need for installation.
Using the Connecting Software SaaS Portal you can easily configure, manage and monitor your Configuration. Everything runs via Cloud Service, which automatically performs the stubbing process and regularly checks for new files on Sugar.

Customize Every Detail According to Your Needs

The service is fully customizable, as you decide which files to exclude from the process and how often you want to check for new files on Sugar. You can modify all your settings later, depending on your needs. Our Service allows you to exactly set the Stubbing Interval that works best for you.

Organize Your Documents any Way You Want

CB Sugar to SharePoint Stubbing service offers flexible options for file stubbing and folder structure on SharePoint. It enables you to set up custom paths in the SharePoint document library and choose whether to store notes and documents to the same or to different locations on SharePoint.

It can also group files by entity type, which means it will stub files attached to notes to a Notes folder, while files attached to documents will be stored in a Documents folder on SharePoint. You can also enable automatic folder structure creation for accounts, contacts, and other entities related to the notes or documents.

Combine the Benefits of both Sugar and SharePoint

Save Storage Space

Move your SugarCRM files to SharePoint will cut your storage costs and streamline your business processes. Moreover, you will increase team collaboration by having all files readily available at all times.

Keep Full Control

You'll get the benefits of a Document Management specialized tool and keep full control of your documents. You can check out/in, see revisions, and share your work on both Sugar and SharePoint.

Cover All Angles

We have taken care of every detail to make sure your stubbing process runs seamlessly. For example, if there are two files with the same name, the service automatically handles it in SharePoint to avoid conflicts.

Cloud Service

You will be using a SaaS service that runs in the cloud. This means there is no need for installation. Benefit from a live service that runs automatically, and that is effortless to set up and customize.

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