Was ist Connect Bridge?

Connect Bridge is a software integration platform - it allows you to build your custom integration software in any language with much fewer lines of code.

Connect Bridge macht die Verwendung der Software-API überflüssig, da stattdessen die Standard-SQL-Syntax verwendet wird. Es verwendet seine Konnektoren, um die SQL-Anweisungen in API-Aufrufe zu übersetzen. Die Konnektoren sind derzeit für mehr als 400 Anwendungen verfügbar, und neue Konnektoren werden häufig erstellt und eingeführt.

Wenn Sie von einer vorgetesteten Lösung ausgehen, benötigen Sie weniger Code, der Code ist leichter zu lesen und zu testen, und Sie reduzieren die Anzahl der Fehler erheblich. Ihr Code ist im Handumdrehen einsatzbereit.

Keine Notwendigkeit, APIs zu lernen oder zu verwenden

Sie können aufhören, Code für die API zu schreiben, und anfangen, Standard-SQL-Anweisungen zu schreiben, um eine Verbindung zu einer breiten Palette von Unternehmenssoftware herzustellen. Connect Bridge übersetzt die ANSI-Standard-SQL-Syntax in die entsprechenden API-Aufrufe und sichert so die Integrität Ihres Zielsystems.

Mit Connect Bridge erhalten Sie Integrationssuperkräfte

With Connect Bridge as your API manager, even junior developers will be able to handle the integration. And they will be able to do the initial integration so fast that you won't believe your eyes. All because they can code in their preferred language and they won't need to touch the API.

Kein Unterhalt = keine Sorgen

With Connect Bridge, all future maintenance efforts will disappear. Connect Bridge guarantees forward and backward compatibility, which means when there is an update for the software you are integrating with, that update is entirely handled by Connect Bridge. You don't have to worry. Once your code is done… it is done for good.

Move on to IPaaS with confidence

Do you want to have everything on the cloud, and therefore also want your integration project on the cloud? Then you want to use an Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS). IPaaS is a set of cloud services that enable connecting any combination of on-premises and cloud-based processes, services, applications, and data.

Even if you are not entirely on the cloud yet, you can begin by running Connect Bridge on-premises. When you are ready, you can move to your cloud servers or the Azure-built SaaS platform managed by Connecting Software.

You can start now, with what you have. Connect Bridge will make moving to an Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) an easy move. You will be doing cloud integration effortlessly in no time.


Easy & fast integration of nearly any software

No need to gain expertise in the target system thanks to our data integration architecture and our 400+ existing connectors. Using our pre-tested API integration platform will allow you to decrease your coding efforts by up to 90%.

Drive productivity from day one

Connect Bridge can be mastered within 3 hours. Pricing starts at $4 per day and there are volume discounts for ISVs. Your first project will have guaranteed ROI… and for the next projects it will get even better.

Stay in your own environment

Connect Bridge uses the language virtually all programmers know – SQL. They can use whatever programming language they prefer and their SQL syntax skills to get that cross-platform integration project up and running fast.

Active support and regular updates

We stay up to speed and regularly improve and update our software. Our team will actively support you throughout the lifecycle of your systems integration project, allowing you to focus on your business.

What can I connect?

With Connect Bridge, you can either built a new custom application or pick any existing software from the past 40 years to start your integration project.

As long as you have access to the software's code, no matter what the programming language is, you can use Connect Bridge's database-style connection to connect to a wide array of 400+ connectors and from there to virtually all packaged software.

1. Your App
Connect from system in any programming language

2. Simple SQL
12 millions IT pros know and use SQL

3. Connect Bridge
In Azure | On-premises

4. Any Target System
Access 1000+ target systems through safe APIs without learning them-

Our connectors cover the following areas:




  OData connectors

  OPC UA connectors

You can check if we have a connector for the app you want on our Connectors page. If we don't have it yet, you can build your own using the CB Connector SDK or talk to our experts. There is always a way to connect the software you need to integrate with.

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What our clients and partners say

Getting data into Microsoft Dynamics 365 automatically

“In just a week we had the solution we had in mind up and running.”

Ing. Filippo Besana
Business Intelligence Specialist & Data Manager at Iperal Supermercati

Getting Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Service, SAP and Gmail to work together

"Our final solution does not have a DMS (dealership management system), but it fits the needs of our customer, who is the leader auto dealership in Mexico, even better than if it did."

Enrique Lechuga
CMO and Customer Care Director at Fesworld

Leading Swiss Energy Service Company builds advanced data exchange based on Connect Bridge

“Connect Bridge works like a Swiss watch. We haven’t had any issues since the launch”

Alexander Zehnder
CTO at swenex – swiss energy exchange Ltd

American Equipment Manufacturer Streamlines Business Process with Connect Bridge

“A week with Connect Bridge did what 10 years of development attempts failed to do”

Marc McDuffie
Vice President at RPS Corporation

Lobodms & Connect Bridge

“Without Connect Bridge, this would be a fairly ambitious task, especially when both our Exchange and SharePoint are in the cloud. Thanks to Connect Bridge, all this effort was reduced to few SQL statements.”

Tobias Kuran
SharePoint Developer at Lobodms

All integration projects become possible

“With Connect Bridge we build an own connector for Enterprise Architect Repositories, first to enter Azure cloud, then to connect from any other software. Speed and reliability is amazing.”

Peter Lieber
Owner of LieberLieber Software

What else can I do with Connect Bridge?

Connect Bridge is a super flexible integration platform. If you want to connect two (or more) pieces of software, Connect Bridge can help you. You can start with the existing 400+ connectors or even build your own. Your imagination is the limit!

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