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Connecting Software awarded with Innovation Index Awards for CB Blockchain Seal for SharePoint solution

Connecting Software received Innovation Index Award for the development of an enterprise software solution called CB Blockchain Seal for SharePoint. Deep Analysis, responsible for granting the award, has been researching for blockchain uses for enterprise software for four years and states that CB Blockchain Seal for SharePoint is a first-of-a-kind, as it brings simplicity and the power of blockchain to SharePoint, Salesforce, and others.

Connecting Software partners with VSB IT Services to migrate HCL Notes, formerly IBM Notes and Lotus Notes, customer’s data base to other CRM systems

Connecting Software and VSB IT Services partnered to offer a migration solution from Notes to multiple CRM systems. The partnership will improve user's experience by offering the connection of the existing Notes environments to numerous data sources and allowing the implementation of two exclusive features provided by Connecting Software.

Organizations are ensuring GDPR compliance and global document security with the support of Connecting Software’s replicator solution when migrating to Microsoft services

Connecting Software developed a solution to ensure GDPR compliance and document integrity. From private organizations to public sector entities, CB Dynamics 365 to SharePoint Permissions Replicator is supporting the optimization of business processes and document storage by automatically replicating privileges from Dynamics 365 to SharePoint. Supported by all versions of Dynamics 365 and SharePoint.

Connecting Software partners with Cryptowerk to release an add-on solution that seals and tamper-proofs documents in standard business software using Blockchain technology

Connecting Software and Cryptowerk developed an add-on product using blockchain technology. Runed on the background of all existing operations and processes, CB Blockchain Seal for SharePoint seals and tamper-proofs documents in any business systems, enterprise resource planning systems, or document management platforms.