Stub files: Everything you need to know

  • Stubbing offers an effective way to move documents, files, folders, email and attachments from your CRM system to a document management system, such as SharePoint.
  • Document stubbing as a service monitors and automatically moves selected CRM items to the designated SharePoint library.
  • With it, not only can you achieve significant savings on storage, but you can also stimulate collaboration within SharePoint with up-to-date customer data.

Lower your CRM storage requirements and costs, while managing your documents more efficiently by stubbing CRM documents to SharePoint.

Stubbing is performed by a background service that monitors documents uploaded to your CRM system, which are consequently moved - or 'stubbed' to SharePoint. A link is added to your CRM system for quick retrieval, while the file itself is stored safely in SharePoint.

You can set the stubbing interval, I.e. how often items are stubbed, and decide what gets stubbed or what doesn't. Thus, the stubbing service is fully customizable to your needs. Moreover, the service offers flexible options for document stubbing and folder structure in SharePoint, enabling you to choose to create folders automatically, set up custom paths, group files by entity type, and more. After a simple and straightforward configuration, the service requires little to no ongoing maintenance.
Stubbing as a service can bring real benefits to your CRM data management now, and in the future. CRM systems are not built to store all customer-related documents and files, and the costs of storage in major CRM systems, such as Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, SugarCRM, is considerable.

Moreover, as more CRM users upload more documents and email attachments, the storage requirements grow exponentially.

Luckily, so do the capabilities of document management in SharePoint. Therefore, automatically stubbing your CRM documents, email, attachments and other entities to SharePoint is a sure hedge against future storage costs, and offers many added advantages in document management, as well as company-wide collaboration in SharePoint.

Contact us and let us design an optimal stubbing solution for your unique needs.

Slashes CRM storage costs

Maintains document integrity

Improves email management

Stubs file to multiple SharePoint boxes

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