Microsoft calls for Open Data Connectivity: Connecting Software Answers!

Microsoft calls for Open Data Connectivity: Connecting Software Answers!

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From a fresh SaaS application helping Salesforce users save money, to new connectors supporting the latest "Open Data Initiative" recently announced by Microsoft and strategic partners. And, your next opportunity to meet our CEO, this time at one of the biggest tech summits in Europe!

Newest Cloud Service Launches

Document Extractor

Do you need to store Salesforce documents on premises for compliance?
Then our latest SaaS solution is for you – the Document Extractor, Built for Salesforce platform.

It’s the automatic service to move Salesforce documents, files to SharePoint. Save money on Salesforce data storage and keep your important customer data in GDPR compliance by moving select files out of the cloud, in to SharePoint on-premises.

Now available on our Azure-built SaaS portal. Claim your free 30-day trial and see ROI in months just on data storage!

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Open Data Initiative

We’ve realized 2 major trends in IT earlier than even the industry leaders like Microsoft, Adobe, Siemens, SAP, Volkswagen and others!

“Today, Adobe, Microsoft and SAP are joining forces to empower their mutual customers with the Open Data Initiative, which is a common approach and set of resources for customers based on three guiding principles…” (Check those principles here)

We support this “Open Data Initiative” with our latest connectors for OPC UA and OData standards.

OPC UA Connector

Introducing the IIoT, Industry 4.0 solution to connect more than 1,000 “things” with existing IT infrastructure. Use one language to connect your software or program with more than 30 business software applications and standard OPC UA supported devices like PLC, Robots, Machinery and Sensors. See more and check out our animated video & potential benefits of this solution here: OPC UA Connector Webpage


OData Connector is here – we’ve answered the call of industry giants:
With our OData connector you can connect from any software to all OData supporting applications.
We're managing this connector the same way - by connecting to various systems and applications via secure APIs only - as all available connectors for our integration platform, Connect Bridge: The last middleware you'll need to learn.

Connect Bridge

Using the most common IT language, with the Connect Bridge Windows Server, we can help more than 12 million developers become integration heroes within 3 hours.

We have both generic OData and OPC UA Connectors ready and we can give you a free demo, a free trial or talk with you about future projects.

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WebSummit in Lisbon – Meet us there!

The world meets in Lisbon this November 5th to the 8th and we’ll be there with world-class speakers, leading investors, and international media coming together for the ultimate startup gathering.

Meet us there as we look to attract and discuss strategic partnerships!

“With our software integration platform, Connect Bridge, we are here to enable many companies to cover the lack of effective integration solutions, we are the Red Cross for their business models. Especially for the modern cloud-based companies, we can help them to connect to on-premises business solutions, easily."

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