Why ISVs struggle with modern integration challenges

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The struggle is real. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) today face a multitude of issues the chief of which are complexity, timeliness, usability and scalability. All this while facing a new kind of customer and a new business culture.

Uniformization and standardization are nice buzzwords, yet despite all efforts, these concepts still remain unattainable when it comes to IT infrastructures. Thus we face a day-to-day struggle with immense environment complexity. This is further amplified by the discrepancies between what the customer wants and what is actually possible, by intra-team priorities and tight schedules.

How projects really work. Look familiar?

Emerging technologies in ISV perspective

Interconnected cognitive and analytical solutions have proved to be the key to success in today’s demanding economy. Organizations that have failed to implement these solutions are now failing to keep up with the competition. As a result of their hesitation and lingering, they are drowning in vast amounts of data concealing valuable insight which would enable them to gain a competitive edge.

They need a painkiller here and now. One that would be a perfect fit for their complex environment, present and future. So they are calling out to you…

Yet due to data complexity and variance, this is not an easy task. Actually, as businesses need to cope with innumerable types of data, there has never been a chance for a good one-size-fits-all solution. There is no data store that would be ideal for storing all the diverse data types. So they have disparate systems for their files, customer records, emails, calendars, tasks, plans, campaigns and endless list of other records. This leads to additional complexities on the path to insight and amplifies the cries for a quick fix, putting even more strain on the shoulders of software vendors.

New business culture

Infrastructure complexity is just one of the complexities you need to learn to cope with (and it’s often the easier one, no matter how impossible it seems). Finding common grounds with customers on the one hand, and various organizational teams and stakeholders on the other, has never been an easy task. Yet the modern times of empowerment and knowing, of the analytical and cognitive, seem to have augmented the pain of software vendors around the globe even more, as they gave rise to clients requiring immediate, versatile and scalable solutions.

Also, there has been a dramatic change in the organizational landscape, sweeping away the clear-cut distinctions between functions – development, operations and business. Thus a new organizational approach supported by a new set of tools is required to facilitate this transformation and enable true, seamless intra-organization collaboration, as well as facilitate flexible accommodation of customer requests.

In turn, your customers expect you to quickly provide a solution capable of extracting information and insight from various data sources – both past, present and future – exactly how they want it. But how can you tackle this enormous challenge? Plain and simple, by being smart.

The complexity of the world of IT has made specialization inevitable. One cannot only rely on the in-house skills in software development, and there’s no shame in that. We’re all good at something. You are good at making your application logic work. We are good at connecting your apps with the target content repositories, so you can integrate data from and various systems into your custom interfaces and focus on software quality.

The struggle ends here

Our Connect Bridge integration platform enables you to efficiently deal with environment complexity through a unified, universal approach. Moreover, you can speed up development by eliminating integration issues, compose high-quality code through continuous testing and determine future scalability thanks to its modular architecture. Connect Bridge is DevOps ready, so you can hop on and take a ride on the latest development methodology supporting software quality and inter- and extra-team collaboration.

Stay tuned to our blog to learn how our Connect Bridge platform can help ISVs in four key areas: eliminating complexity; timeliness; quality, and scalability.

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