Dynamics CRM – Oracle DB integration
with Connect Bridge

Why integrate Dynamics CRM or Dynamics Online with Oracle?

  • Integration between Oracle and Dynamics CRM / 365 systems allows businesses to gain competitive productivity by improving collaboration between different departments, such as Sales, Marketing and Support.
  • The integration ensures reduced information redundancy between two systems and optimizes opportunity-to-order-to-cash processes.
  • These and more benefits will open up for you by integrating both systems: integration facilitates synchronization of processes and data, especially if it runs on the background and does not require any coding skills from you.

Automate, organize and streamline your processes by integrating Oracle and Dynamics CRM / 365.
All of this and more made possible with the Connect Bridge integration platform.

Get the best out of your software, and choose for Connect Bridge as your ultimate solution.

Integration of the two systems will give you the whole picture of your customers, processes, history and reporting. It allows you to focus and streamline the best-working marketing and sales processes, then finetune them and match to everyday changing market situations. Bi-directional, SQL-based integration gives every user a view of the data they need to drive productivity.

integrationConnect Bridge Platform eliminates hours of coding work and ensures faster, easier and more secure development of the sync between Dynamics CRM and Oracle, rescuing your IT budget and letting productivity thrive.

  • Start in a matter of minutes
  • Stay in your programming language
  • Enjoy our free technical support

Connect Bridge Platform allows you to ensure the integration between the systems without code-knowledge required, in a matter of hours, which would otherwise take weeks or even months.

Connect Bridge integration is an easy and straightforward to use application to integrate Oracle and Dynamics CRM, together with other 30 connectors. It is fully customizable and gives you full control over which attributes and documents to sync and how.
Start connecting to/from all your business applications with one platform. Try it free for 15 days.

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