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With very little effort and almost none training any developer can connect Gmail with dozens of other systems, i.e. Microsoft Dynamics CRM,, Microsoft SharePoint, Dropbox or Microsoft Azure.

Using the Connect Bridge Gmail Connector you can create and automate your business processes and day-to-day work. Connecting your Gmail with SharePoint you can transfer your email attachments to SharePoint. The connection is live and bidirectional. Moreover you can get any data from your Gmail to your SharePoint (i.e. email messages or folders), synchronize contacts or attach files from SharePoint document libraries to your Gmail email.

Synchronize contacts between major LOB`s or applications such as Dynamics CRM, Exchange, Gmail,,, Dynamics NAV, QuickBooks or Yahoo. Connect Bridge enables you to synchronize also emails from different accounts or services. You can synchronize emails between for instance Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo or any other email service using IMAP.

Why not have all the relevant and needed customer or partner communication in one interface? Have the email communication visualized directly where you need it – in your CRM, ERP or accounting system. Integration with systems like Dynamics CRM,, Dynamics NAV or QuickBooks will significantly improve your business processes and will save you a lot of time.

The following scenario can cover all the situations when you need to provide an email functionality. Connect from any software or technology to your Gmail. Whether you have your own software product or custom developed web-portal deployed in the cloud, you can connect to your Gmail and start to send emails to new subscribers on your web-portal or extend the functionality of your product.