Microsoft Exchange / office 365 - Active Directory integration
with Connect Bridge

How to synchronize Microsoft Exchange - Office 365 accounts with Active Directory accounts?

  • Integration between Microsoft Exchange / Office 365 and Active Directory provides you with ability to manage all of the user accounts (existing and onboarding employees, vendors, customers and more) in one place, and control the access to CRM with Active Directory.
  • The Active Directory connector provides the ability to manipulate AD objects - users, groups , computers and more.
  • After the integration set-up it becomes easy for the users to sign in to Exchange / Office 365 with their existing credentials, without the need to remember different passwords for both systems which have distinctive password guidelines.

Control multiple CRM organizations through Active Directory security groups and free up your IT administrators to focus on other important tasks.

All of this and more made possible with the Connect Bridge integration platform.

If you are looking for real-time, live and continuously updated information, then Connect Bridge is your ultimate solution.

Easy integration between Active Directory and Exchange / Office 365 will reduce time required for an IT administrator to replicate the users passwords and credentials and improve productivity of other departments by automatically creating users, assigning them to groups or by automatically deactivating users when their contract is terminated.

With the seamless synchronization you will reduce credentials management cost and facilitate the reporting of group memberships and provided the needed reports for IT infrastructure security auditing.

Connect Bridge integration is an easy and straightforward to use application to integrate Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange / Office 365, together with other 30 connectors. It is fully customizable and gives you full control over which attributes and documents to sync and how.

securityWith Connect Bridge You will stay in your own software development environment that you are familiar with. You will avoid spending countless hours studying the documentation of Active Directory and its APIs.

  • Start in a matter of minutes
  • Stay in your programming language
  • Enjoy our free technical support

Start connecting to/from all your business applications with one platform. Try it free for 15 days.

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