SugarCRM – Microsoft Exchange integration
with Connect Bridge

How to integrate SugarCRM with Microsoft Exchange

  • CRM systems have become a prominent feature of every middle to big enterprise business over the last years. Nevertheless its integration with other systems still stays complex and seemingly reserved only for developers.
  • Usually, in order to integrate 2 different target systems, the IT-administrator would need to have extensive knowledge of the API of each target system. This requires significant amount of working hours to study and understand how those API's work and to write the code.

You would like to combine the financial power of SugarCRM with collaborative features of Microsoft Exchange to increase user adoption and drive productivity?

This is where Connect Bridge integration platform comes in play and saves the day.

Get the best out of your software without much effort by letting Connect Bridge connect your systems.

Integration of the two systems is a proven by-product to improve cost efficiency, system reliability, product and service quality. No matter what industry you operate in, from agriculture to HR, finance to health, integration allows you to maintain control and adapt the communication between two system to your needs.

Connect Bridge Platform eliminates hours of coding work and ensures faster, easier and more secure development of the sync between Microsoft Exchange and SugarCRM, saving your IT budget and letting productivity thrive.

securityStay up to speed with live, bi-directional synchronization of contacts, emails, attachments, calendars and all other entities.
Visualize your SugarCRM with Connect Bridge, and adapt the integration to your needs.

Connect Bridge Platform allows you to ensure the integration between the systems without code-knowledge required, in a matter of hours, which would otherwise take weeks or even months.

Start connecting to/from all your business applications with one platform. Try it free for 15 days.

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