ISVs: Integration issues are a thing of the past

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There were times when “good enough” was the ultimate goal. To deliver a product good enough, soon enough and future-proof – or at least present-proof – enough used to be considered criteria to strive for.

These, however, aren’t those times anymore. To make do in this world, we must endeavor to achieve excellence – excellence in all areas of our activities and objectives. We must go all-out to surpass the most daring expectations of our clients, to provide them with products and services beyond their wildest dreams.

To do that, you need reliable tools that would lift the integration burden from your shoulder, so you can stop wasting your valuable resources and focus on your core business and providing unique, cutting-edge applications helping you stand out from the crowd. And you also need an unfailing partner whom you can depend on, on every step of the way.

We can help you to overcome all the pitfalls on your way to provide exceptional solutions to your clients in the following areas:

Address client environment complexity and achieve substantial savings

• Tackle API diversity to build successful integration solutions enabling your clients to unlock their data potential for ultimate business insight. By providing a pre-made, pre-tested and open integration platform, your developers can double their productivity rate and you, in turn, can significantly lower your development costs by saving hundreds of man-hours.

Deliver solutions seamlessly in a timely manner

• Enrich your solution portfolio and start developing break-through integration solutions in a couple of hours. With pre-made connectors to major enterprise systems or with custom-made connectors tailored specifically to your needs, you can speed up your integration efforts up to 10 times. We will help you eliminate the tedious integration tasks and the need to master all the nuances of the endless number of APIs, so you can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by delivering timely solutions. And by saving time you not only save money – you can use that time and resources to open new revenue streams and grow your business.

Improve software quality

• Eliminate software bugs in your custom apps with a pre-tested, out-of-the-box solution offering best-of-class reliability and stability. This is not just a bold brag – we truly believe in what we do, so we offer unrivalled risk-free licensing model and free maintenance for the whole license term. So you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you have a platform – and a partner – you can rely on.

Build scalable, future-ready solutions

• Deploy a modular, plug-and-play platform that you can easily extend by adding new connectors whenever the need arises. You can either deploy pre-made data connectors to numerous business systems, or with our proprietary technology and unique architecture, we can create custom connectors tailored to your requirements, so you don’t have to deal with the tricky fiddly-bits of system integration. And that’s just cool, isn’t it?

Become DevOps ready

Connect Bridge, as well as all our products based on the Connect Bridge platform, support the DevOps culture in multiple important areas, namely:

Up to 10-times faster system integration with pre-made connectors to major enterprise systems, new connectors can be created by request in a matter of days

Enabling almost instantaneous adoption with a learning curve of about 2 hours bringing a guaranteed increase in productivity rate of 200 %

A 90-percent decrease of coding efforts which results in a dramatic decrease of software bugs, as it is a pre-made, pre-tested out-of-the-box solution

Support for continuous development and versioning through intuitive GUI utilities

Best-of-class reliability and stability

Continuous monitoring
and detailed logging

Ultimate manageability through
granular configuration options

Sand-boxed testing of new code
within the Query Analyzer tool

Virtually limitless collaboration
in the cloud

Is there anything else in it for me?

Sure. In addition to significant savings, peace of mind, new potential revenue streams, virtually limitless scalability and future-readiness, a potential for excellence and a reliable partner, we can offer you the following benefits:

  Focus on your core business
  Ability to develop reusable software modules for all future versions
  Cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  White-labelled solutions
  Flexible integration models – whether on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment
  Unlike most of our competitors, unfaltering care

We welcome you to talk to our experts, visit our webpage for ISVs to find out more about Connect Bridge, or check out another blog in our series for ISVs!

Why Customers use Connect Bridge

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