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Connecting Software expands to new office

JM Madeira

17. September 2021

With headquarter in Austria, the company was surprised by the outcomes and premieres its new office in the Region this Friday

Connecting Software is present in four countries and has chosen Madeira, three years ago, to create a hub for its main offices. With headquarter in Austria, the company was surprised by the outcomes, has already created 20 job positions, and opens its new office in the Region this Friday, in Santo António. "Initially, the opening of the hub in Madeira didn't have the pretension to expand, but we were surprised by the results. With the expansion of businesses, we felt the need to go to a bigger place where we could accommodate more teammates to our growing team", says Thomas Berndorfer, CEO of the company.

The software enterprise develops solutions, also using blockchain technology, and was awarded an international prize last week for its CB Blockchain Seal for SharePoint, a solution that allows proving "the authenticity of digital data easily" and that "avoids that the document digitally sealed is secretly manipulated."

"This technology can be used by the public sector, e.g, to prove a real estate property, protect data, documents, or information against unauthorized manipulation. Or else, in the private sector, it can digitally seal invoices, paychecks, contracts, intellectual property documents", says Thomas Berndorfer.

Connecting Software seized the benefits of the International Business Centre (CINM) that, under the CEO's perspective, constitutes a strong incentive for international companies.

The company is present in four countries and wants to continue the bet in the Region, where it has already created 20 job positions.

"The tax benefits are an advantage to the companies, there is the creation of job positions and the evaluation of capital in Madeira. If it wasn't for this initiative, it would likely not be what it is today", he concludes.

Currently, with 20 employees, the Austrian's company seek to reach 50 employees in the Region in the next years.